Law Enforcement Defense and Litigation

The Law Enforcement Group is comprised of seasoned and accomplished litigators, complemented by young and innovative legal minds, who represent a broad spectrum of law enforcement agencies and officials. The Group consistently exceeds their clients’ expectations – a product of their commitment to developing cost-effective and result-oriented solutions, their dedication to providing efficient and high quality representation, and their willingness to go the extra mile.

The Theory Behind What We Do

By aggressively defending and winning lawsuits, our attorneys enable law enforcement agencies and officials to perform their official duties without constant fear that a slight misstep or mistaken judgment will subject them to liability. While our attorneys are frequently able to obtain favorable results during the pre-trial phase, they are not afraid to take cases with difficult or troubling facts to trial. They understand the adverse consequences that accompany a settlement. A settlement, often equated with an acknowledgement of wrongdoing, may lend itself to negative public perception and loss of public confidence in the law enforcement agency. 

A settlement may lead prospective claimants to view the law enforcement agency as an easy target and incentivize them to file lawsuits. A settlement may result in criticism within a law enforcement agency and, most dangerous of all, it may lead an officer to question his or her own judgment.

Pre-suit Investigation

When a major incident takes place, the attorneys in our Law Enforcement Group can step in to help law enforcement officials respond and guard against civil liability. Our attorneys understand the intricacies of civil litigation, which allows them to understand what actions can be taken to lessen the threat of litigation.


Our attorneys are always studying new opinions to stay current on cases that will impact our law enforcement clients. New opinions defining the boundaries of constitutional conduct are constantly being handed down by the courts.


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